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Aimi No Toraburu (Aimi's Troubles) Is a short atmospheric horror game that wasn't originally planned to be entered into the IGMC. I only started on this project around two weeks ago and therefore there are only around 30-45 minutes of heavily polished gameplay. I hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Just extract Aimi No Toraburu.zip, go into the folder and run the .exe file. DO NOT DELETE THE www FOLDER! It is what allows you to save the game. If deleted simply recreate a www folder with a save folder inside it.


Aimi No Toraburu.zip 604 MB


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Great game Toasty! I'm impressed you made this in only tow weeks, you did a great job

: D

I played this game and recorded, if you wanna watch. But the game was way shorter than 30-45min, so did I miss something? :D And I thought there is different endings, oh well. Still prettyn fun game

Well, for one thing you were playing the out of date version that didn’t have any of the bug fixes applied. However, even without these fixes the games play time changes drastically depending on how good you are with puzzles. If your really good at them, like it appears you are, you are going to be the game faster and that is sadly just how it is with puzzle games. Also no, I never had alternative endings, only 2 different sides with either Emi or Sensei Ikuyo where you will get a bit more character building. I didn’t have time to implement alternative endings but, after the jam I will.

Oh, my bad then! Just curious, that puzzle where was flying trees, was there some other solution than jump to the wall and other side? :D And don't get me wrong, I liked this game. :)

Not really. The idea of the jumping puzzle is to hit every platform once without hitting the same one twice while ending on the top so you can jump off. If you do step on the same one twice or jump off the platforms, it will lead to a game over

Niceee!!! ^_^ Amazing job, Toasty! Can't wait to give this a try!!! :D xD